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A Cup Of Tea  A Cup Of Tea

TEA carries of Chinese history and culture over four thousand years.  With its extensive and tremendous value in the interpretation on Chinese Culture, “A CUP OF TEA” represents recognition, respect, forgiving, pleasure and etc.  It is also a unique natural healthy beverage without affixing any chemical material but spreading its colour, fragrance and flavor as well.  We highly recommend you reach this health drink.

It is discovered the tea is of therapeutic usage which is documented in the past as experience sharing, even after 20th centuries, there is still scientific research on this topic.

Tea contains many of valuable components, such as vitamins, polyphenolics, amino acids and minerals. These components are the source of healthful properties of tea.  It helps delay aging, digestion, lowers the blood pressure and stimulates the immune system.

A CUP OF TEA strive for quality and excellent TEA, to let the thousand of years of Chinese culture integrate into our life, to share and enjoy the art of TEA and also to relax and relieve, in such a prosperous modern society.

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